I killed a spider on my wall by throwing my rebound rumble ball. Being on a FIRST team has saved me.

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How do I follow this blog?

So, I’m not the admin that knows a ton about this but I think something about our layout is messing with the ‘follow’ button. Other admins, let’s talk soon?! -Libby

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This is a draft of my essay for University of Florida. I had to write about an experience that has affected me, and I chose to write about being a Dean’s List finalist.

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Let’s find our FRC/FTC Tumblr community! I met some Tumblr peeps from Barn 2 Robotics at CalGames 2013, and wanna see if I can find them!

Another good way to find FIRSTers on tumblr is #omgrobots ! (It’s the hashtag for FIRST, anywhere hashtags…

When a fan asked us for a gif of Dean getting hit in the face with a soccer ball





It’s back guys! (And it was totally me who requested it. MWAHAHAA)

FRC Team 869 has a pretty neat idea - an online pre-season challenge that any team across the world can jump into. Go check it out!

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Do you know what regionals you'll be going to?


Not yet! Everything is still tentative.

(I also might be going to Israel in March for a part of a class I’m applying to get into, so I’m not sure if I’ll be around for some of the weeks yet.)

Got a suggestion for where I should go? Leave it in my ask!

[…] ultimately, I don’t think we need to follow their pattern; we are good enough—and big enough—to set our own patterns.
- A mentor, in response to a comment on focusing on other teams’ branding